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Kettlercise, HCore 2.0, HCore Lean and  Totally Shredded class instructor


Level 3 Personal Trainer

ETM, Kettlercise, ICG Indoor Cycling, Totally Shredded, HIITstep and Pilates instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Kettlercise?

Kettlercise is a low impact (but highly effective) kettlebell workout. We use low weights for high reps to achieve high calorie burn, and to sculpt lean sexy muscle. You'll need a kettlebell or hand weight (ideally 4-8kg)

What is Totally Shredded?

TS is a cardio/combat class featuring blocks of easy to follow basic bodyweight cardio moves (think jacks, squats, and punches), set to awesome D&B and funky house music that will make you feel exhilarated! More like clubbing than exercising. High calorie burn to shred off body fat! No equipment required!

What is Hcore Lean?

Hcore Lean is the High Intensity Interval training programme set by Kettlercise. Our 30min class features bodyweight HIIT exercises, for a fast and furious workout, no equipment required! Options given to suit everyone.


A 30 min, high intensity workout, generally performed with a step....but can be done without. Short work intervals combined with short recovery make for an intense sweaty workout to burn max cals and really increase your cardiovascular capacity. Options given for all levels.

What do I wear?

Comfortable sports clothing and trainers. Bring some water and a smile!

I'm pregnant! Can I still do Kettlercise?

Because of the way that Kettlercise intensely works muscles in rotation, causing blood shunt from upper to lower body, it's not recommended during pregnancy.

Do I have to book?

Please let us know you are coming - even if it is for a  free trial, so we can make sure we bring enough kettlebells to the venue for everyone. We ask that everyone either book in via gymcatch (or ClassPass/MoveGB if you are a member), or send us a message by email/via FB or insta to let us know you are coming.

Do I have to commit?

Nope! Either just pay the drop in rate whenever you can make it, or buy a package to use to book in to any of our classes you fancy. They don't have to be used consecutively, and have long expiry dates.

We don't generally take cash on the day - payments are usually done via our booking app, Gymcatch. If that's a prob though, drop us a message and we'll make a plan.

I have an injury, can I take part?

We understand that everyone has niggles and little injuries sometimes. If your doctor has cleared you to exercise, we are happy for you to come, and will help you adapt or substitute in alternative exercises if there is something that you can't do.

I haven't exercised for ages. Will I be embarrassed if I can't do it?? Do I need to be fit?

We all had to start somewhere! Kettlercise and Shredded in particular are great for returning to exercise. Many of the Kettlercise exercises can be done with no weight at all if you prefer...and we encourage everyone to work at their own pace, and take breaks if you need them. Kettlercise is low impact - we don't jump/burpee etc. The HIITstep and  Hcore Lean classes on our timetable will involve higher intensity work, often with running/burpees/plyometrics.......but we'll give options to suit everyone, if you are avoiding high impact moves. 

We are a supportive community, and keen to see everyone, whatever their current fitness level , come along and get involved in the team goal....to get fitter and stronger, at your own pace.

Any other questions?? Send us a message on the "contact us" page....

Heard enough?? What are you waiting for??

Book in! Come give us and try to see if you like our vibe! Let's get that fitness journey started!

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