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Health and Fitness books that are well worth a look....

You all know I love reading. There is nothing as satisfying as a great book! I like to mix it up. I'll read anything really. When I was young, I would read fast....and before there were kindles, when went on family holidays, I could only take a couple of books (usually Dean Koontz)......so when I finished those, I'd go on to read whatever anyone else had (Danielle Steele/Jilly Cooper dramas and thrillers from my mum, Asimov space drama and roman empire adventures from my Dad and then whatever was in English the resort library.

(Now I've got a secret preference for escapist fantasy books involving magic and dragons - but that's not what I'm here to tell you about today)

Lately I've been loading up on books on nutrition and habit change - and if those are subjects that interest you.....then I have some recommendations for you that will be well worth your time :-)

(I read many, so I can recommend the best few...)

So - here are of a few real keepers that I'll be planning to read more than once, they were that good....

ATOMIC HABITS, by James Clear

So this is a really inspirational book about the power of breaking down your goals into small habits. Full of really interesting little anecdotes and stories, it contains loads of really relatable examples of how you can identify a goal (whether is be a career goal, fitness, financial etc) and break it down into small chunks to form habits in your life that will bring you closer to your goal. It sounds like common sense right?? So why do we all not do it??

So good that as soon as I finished it, I went back to the first page and started again.

If it sounds good, click here to check it out on Amazon:


HOW NOT TO DIE by Michael Gregor

If you'd like a bit of inspiration on what to put on your plate - then this is the book for you. Skewed toward encouraging veganism...but don't let that put you off (I'm not vegan), there is great info in here about what all the different foods can offer your body, and how important it is to eat a really varied diet, because let's be honest, it's easy to get stuck in a rut of cooking the same thing every week.

Whenever I open this book I get inspired to add some new things to my weekly shop.

Do you know WHY it's important it is to get in a full range of micronutrients from things like nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, mushrooms? We all know in theory that it's healthy....but having it broken down for you about exactly what those foods are going to offer to your body, and how they can help alleviate some ailments will really encourage you to add some extra spice (and veg) to your life.

It's not a difficult read....not overly scientific. Get involved...


PINCH OF NOM by Kate Allinson and Kay Featherstone

Mmmmmmm. Cook book.

I love a cook book. I've got loads of them, and they mostly gather dust on the shelf. But not this one - I get it out all the time. This one has lots of recipes that are really tasty, easy to cook and low calorie. The Tandoori Chicken with Garlic Mushroom Biryani is an especially awesome combo.

I do lots of my cooking in one go (as I'm teaching most evenings, I spend a couple of hours on a Sunday prepping/batch cooking all the meals for Mon-Thurs, so they are ready to go) This book has lots of recipes that can be done in the slow cooker....which is my weapon of choice. That's another whole blog post waiting to happen.....

You can buy it here: https://amzn.to/3LgW1de

HAIL MARY by Andy Weir

Then I read one that wasn't related to living ya best life :-)

You saw The Martian, right? A great film (and an even better book)

If you liked that, then you will enjoy this one too!

It's about a scientist who wakes up to find himself on a space shuttle, hurtling out of control through space....with no memory of how he got there. it's exciting! There's some science, and some aliens. Really engrossing :-)

Go on - mix it up, give it a go.

Buy it here: https://amzn.to/39gzaRI


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