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To change your body composition, you have to have a plan....

Fitness - it's a confusing business.

There are so many options....cardio stuff, picking up the heavy things, high reps with low weights, low reps with high weights, high intensity intervals, chilled out pilates and yoga, body pump, body step, body conditioning....what do you choose??

Well, it's partly going to depend on your goal.

For many people it's weight loss....wanting to look better naked :-)

or maybe it's about building muscle and getting buff?

And let's not forget keeping our heart and lungs healthy and efficient, maintaining bone density, flexibility and balance.

Exercise can help us with all those things....but best done with a plan in mind.

For fat loss.... you KNOW really that that is all done in the kitchen, yes?

You need to be in calorie deficit, There is no short cut around that. All the diets that you see out and about, whether it be keto, intermittent fasting, low fat, Mediterranean, slimming world, weight watchers - they all CAN work, but inherently are just rephrasing (and often monetising) the simple fact that if you are in calorie deficit, you will lose weight.

(simple doesn't mean easy.....eating to a calorie deficit takes planning, and commitment.

It's hard. And boring. That's why everyone struggles with it)

Exercise can help with creating that deficit of course. Burning extra calories through exercise will make it far easier for you to consume less calories than you burn = deficit.

Choosing a workout for fat loss? Then aerobic things burn the most calories....walking, swimming, jogging, spinning, dancing, netball, interval training, Totally Shredded....anything that brings your heartrate up will help you burn more cals. (and also give your heart and lungs an awesome workout to improve your general fitness and cardiac capacity)

And don't underestimate weight training. Expect to burn 300 odd calories in a Body Pump or Kettlercise class.

Now let's talk strength - you wanna build some muscle and look buff?? YES PLEASE

Feeling strong is great - it empowers you. Muscle needs more calories to maintain that fat, so if you can increase your muscle mass, then your metabolic rate comes us - meaning you can eat more food without putting on weight. And muscle looks great!

But putting on muscle takes some work!! You have to be progressive (keep challenging yourself to go heavier) and to put on muscle, ideally you need to be in calorie SURPLUS (yep - if you want to add muscle mass to your body, you have to go anabolic (a scary word, that just means "adding on"). It's very hard to build muscle if you are in a calorie deficit....your body will not have the fuel it needs to make that new muscle tissue....this is why we have to ideally choose a goal (or work in cycles).

Ideally those surplus calories will be weighted toward protein food - which is your body's fuel of choice for building muscle. (This is where protein shakes can come in handy)

Now let's talk flexibility. If this is your goal, then options like pilates, yoga and supple strength will tick the box. These options don't have a high calorie burn, and don't get the blood pumping.....but are great for building core strength, balance and lengthening and strengthening your muscles. A great addition to your workout week.

So figure out your goal. Your week would ideally include a mixture of heart rate raising cardio (doesn't have to be crazy - it could be walking....choose something YOU like, there are so many options). Add in some weight training to maintain (or build) your muscle strength, and then chill yourself back out with some yoga/meditation.

How the composition of your body changes will mostly depend on your diet.... if you need help with that, give me a shout....


L4 PT and PN1 nutrition coach

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